Motor Vehicle Accidents

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An automotive accident is frightening, and could result in permanent injury due to another’s reckless behavior. In many cases, the driver and passengers of the car are severely injured and in worse case scenarios, sometimes even killed. Automotive accidents claim the lives of thousands of people in Arizona every year. Our legal team can help anyone who has experienced any of the following:

  • Alcohol and drug-related motor vehicle accidents
  • Bicycle accidents and injuries
  • Bus accidents and injuries
  • Driver and passenger injuries
  • Drunk driving accidents and traffic accidents
  • Hit and run accidents involving injury and property damage
  • Rear end collisions and intersection accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents, crashes and collisions
  • Rollover accidents involving cars, trucks, SUVs or other motor vehicles

Phoenix Motor Vehicle Accidents

Anytime you are involved in an auto accident, follow the steps below to ensure that it will be handled properly and the driver at fault will be held responsible.

Stay on the scene – Stay on the scene unless you are suffering from severe injuries.

Gather information – Gather information from witnesses of the accident and get drivers’ license and insurance information from all parties involved.

Insurance Company – Call your insurance company immediately, and get the other driver’s insurance information as well.

Do not incriminate yourself – Never admit guilt when being investigated by a police officer. Ultimately, the guilty party will be found after the investigation concludes.

Medical Exam – Even if you feel uninjured, consult your physician.

Call your attorney – If the other driver is liable for your injuries, you may be compensated for your pain and suffering.