Will I be Compensated for Lost Wages Due to a Personal Injury?

When an accident causes you a personal injury, a lot can be jeopardized or compromised in your life. It may take ample time to get your body and mind back to normal and during that time period you may have to miss work.

There is no need to fret, however—you are absolutely entitled to lost wages due to a personal injury accident. Thanks to what are called workers compensation laws, lost wages not only cover time spent unable to work, but also the time missed due to treatment.

Regardless of your type of work, full or part-time status, or place of employment, you are entitled to lost wages. Self-employed persons can recover lost wages as well. Even if you received sick or vacation pay, lost wages may be due, since injury required you to use vacation/sick days, resulting in lost wages for that period.

Getting compensation for lost wages is achieved by thorough and detailed documentation of your injuries. Your treating physician must submit a statement that you are recovering from injuries and your employer will also need to provide a statement indicating your position and income.

Lost wages calculations for the self-employed rely on past earnings to determine the amount of lost wages due to injury or illness. Tax documents, contracts, invoices and billing statements can help determine lost wages for the self-employed.

Follow these steps as soon as a job is lost to ensure you receive lost wages:

• Go to the doctor

Obtain a detailed note from the doctor in which the nature of your injury is carefully explained. Ask that he or she describe how the disability may affect your ability to work.

• Talk to your employer

Get an official document from your employer explaining why you will be unable to continue working for the company. Ask that he or she be as specific as possible in regards to your injury.

• Obtain all relevant documentation

There are a number of different forms of documentation that will be needed for a personal injury lawsuit. These include old pay stubs, medical bills and wage summaries among other items. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help successfully guide you through this process.