Arizona’s Traffic Dangers

This video about a recent accident near 43rd Ave and Greenway (Saturday, January 9th 2010) is a startling reminder about two very dangerous facts about Arizona.

Not only has Arizona been under national scrutiny after statistics revealed that it has a far higher rate of fatal red light running crashes than other states, but Arizona is also home to two of the nation’s top ten most dangerous intersections.

The intersection of 7th Street and Bell Road and also 19th Avenue and Northern Avenue are two of the nations most dangerous intersections, with 32nd Street and Greenway also being considered “very dangerous” by an in-depth study done by State Farm.

We would like to urge drivers to practice safe driving techniques to prevent harm from any driver or rider:

  1. Always wear a seat belt or proper safety restraints
  2. Follow all traffic rules at all times
  3. Be aware. As a driver, it is imperative to do your part in avoiding potentially dangerous situations when possible
  4. NEVER run a yellow or red light. Not only can this cost you a hefty ticket and eight hours in traffic school, but it has the potential to cost you or someone else on the road their life

The accident seen above is just one tragic example of how driver irresponsibility can change a life forever. If you or a loved one have been injured or been the victim of a wrongful death, make sure you hire an experienced lawyer to help you seek the damages to which you are entitled.