Special Treatment for the Rich and Famous

Have you ever noticed that movie stars, sports players and public officials are immune from getting in trouble? Do they all have amazing attorneys that we just don’t know about? In the last decade it seems the life of the rich and famous have been granted special treatment when the sirens go off and the cuffs go on.

There actions go far beyond reckless driving from speeding down the wrong way of a highway to smashing into a parking lot full of cars. Although one would assume the law is equal their time in jail seems to be a mere slap on the wrist. Charles Barkley was sentenced to 10 days in jail but will only have to serve five upon completion of an alcohol education program. Lindsey Lohan is back behind the wheel following her second arrest just little over a year ago and lets not forget Nicole Riche who spent a little over twenty-four hours behind bars.

At Oracle Law Group, we fight for everyone’s innocence making sure no one receives preferential treatment. Through hard work and preparation our team will be ready to handle all aspects of your case, from the confusing court process to making sure you understand your legal rights.

Oracle Law Group, has seen incredible results all across Arizona when dealing with DUI cases, many have even been dismissed before they even reach a jury. A DUI case can be dismissed for a number of reasons but especially when your civil rights are violated.