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Oracle Law Group offers legal services to help business owners, families and individuals find practical solutions to complex legal matters.  Collaborate with a team that can develop a legal strategy to protect what matters most. When litigation is unavoidable, our team offers reasonable solutions at every step of the process.  We use our years of trial experience to protect your interests in and out of court.

Do you want to connect with a human being?

Hi, I’m Melanie E. Beauchamp, owner/founder of Oracle Law Group, and I believe in making a difference in the lives of others and contributing to whatever it is that you need to get back on track.

I’m never going to judge you.

When you come into our Office, you are going to be treated kindly and gently.  I’m going to shake your hand or even hug you and reassure you that you’re going to be OK.

I’m going to listen to you and how you feel.  Let you know that you’re a good person and not defined by whatever happened to you or whatever you are going through.

If that sounds like an attorney you want to work with, give us a call.

Why Oracle for Businesses?

  • Highly valued by clients as a seasoned adviser who cut through the noise and explains options in a very logical and practical manner.
  • Strategist providing great legal instinct, skilled business perspective and smart tactical advice.
  • A virtual business partner, thinking commercially about what Oracle Law Group can do to help.
  • Capable litigator who is very easy to work with and provides good strategic advice

Why Oracle for Individuals & Families?

  • Coaching and Legal Advice — Whatever your challenge, our goal is to help turn complex situations into successful outcomes.
  • Every Client is different. We offer personalized, resolution-oriented legal representation.

Areas of Practice


Every attorney builds their practice around some key areas of law.  We have chosen these areas to focus our practice around.  Taking the time to understand the nuance in the law is critical to successful trial outcome, so we focus our energies on these core areas of practice.

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What Our Clients Say About Our Services


Our services are judged by the happiness of our clients.  Our clients get world class treatment because we care about their their case.  We hope you will decide to work with us so you can see the difference it makes working with Oracle Law Group.


We use our years of trial experience to protect your interests in and
out of court.

Oracle Law Group understands the financial and emotional toll of a lawsuit.  Let us take the toll, so you don’t have to.

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Things You Need to Know

Having the right attorney when you need one can help you resolve a dispute with neighbors, end a marriage, enforce your rights in the workplace, or even avoid prison time. When life gets legal, whether it’s a DUI charge or a positive event such as

Why Do We Charge for Consultations?

Oracle Law Group charges for the initial consultation. Do not be offended, please. Many potential clients use free get-to-know-you sessions to get free legal advice. (If you owned a grocery store, you wouldn’t let someone try a brand of paper towels to see how they work and then, maybe, pay for them.) Don’t worry, you will receive a credit for the consultation fee on your first bill if you retain us.